Cottage Cheese vs. Apple

cottage cheese

Going about my bed making chore this morning, the idea popped into my head that weighing in at my heaviest weight, even heavier than I was when I was pregnant both times, I feel like I look like cottage cheese.  I know this food staple for some has healthy benefits and I am not knocking those or discounting it’s nutritional value but when I think cottage cheese right now, I think of my my thighs seem to be all dimpled from cellulite like the lumps.  When I move, the fat in my belly and on my arms simply jiggles around like it has no care in the world and is along for the ride wherever I may take it.


Then I decided that if I wanted to feel like a food it would be an apple because the smooth surface covers a firm inside with a crunchy flesh that tastes great all on it’s own and makes you want to eat more than one.  It’s full of healthy things and all it’s fiber keeps the sh*t in your internal track moving on down and out of the system.

I want to feel great, be wonderful at cutting through the BS of my life, provide my 2 wonderful boys with wisdom, knowledge and a sense of fun and chaos and I want to be able to keep up with them and be around for them on the long haul not just the right here and now.

As I was putting this blog together, I also came across an image posted by the following website blogger Megan and her article, Reaching My Goal Weight Taught Me This About Myself

Female body image stats

Talk about a sobering thought that I think of myself as Ugly and Fat and pretty much hate myself as I am but am too scared to change.

I guess I inherently knew this about myself as in January of 2016, I decided that I didn’t want a New Year’s Resolution that I wouldn’t keep about weight loss, blah, blah, blah because I’ve never kept to a single one of those.  I instead took the motto on for 2016:

Bring It On!!!

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