Analog Hobbies…Crochet


Growing up, I watched my mom crochet blankets for me, my sister, my aunt and as a way to break her smoking habit.  This weeks Discover Challenge: Analog provides an very interesting opportunity to really think about things to be enjoyed that don’t involve digital but also touch on how digital helps to share and preserve some analog activities.  It dawned on me as I started to write this that this is one of those analog hobbies.  I have no clue how to read a crochet pattern. I have never followed a written crochet pattern.  In wanting to learn a different crocheting technique beyond the one I knew from my mom, where did I go to learn?

The internet!

I found the following video that I watched and re-watched while learning the pattern.


I used this pattern to make a blanket for my 2 boys as well as all my nieces and nephews because even though as babies, you end up with countless baby blankets, I would hope that a handmade one holds a bit more meaning for the parents and their child as they get older.  The blanket my mom crocheted covered my bed during high school and tagged along with me to college.

It got lost in her basement for awhile (more like several years) and then made a reappearance and now resides on a chair my house.  Nothing will change the fact that my mom let me decide on the colors of that blanket and then spent hours working on it at night.

While it’s an analog activity, thank goodness for internet video tutorials who allow this hobby to be learned and shared with anyone interested in trying something new or looking for a different pattern when they have never followed a written pattern before.

3 thoughts on “Analog Hobbies…Crochet

  1. I used to crochet and made a bundle of “granny squares” for a blanket… I counted them and laid them out and decided to make a pillow cover instead, cause it was taking too long… that was the end of my crocheting career…


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