When Nothing Seems to Go Right…

Today seems to be one of those days were all that you planned gets dashed by a giant tidal wave.  A crabby husband all day yesterday, lack of restful sleep, change in the day’s plans because the other front tire on the car is losing air, your husband cannot find where he left his phone and it died only to be found in the back seat of his car have all conspired against me to the point that by the time I talk to my dad to tell him that the boys and I are not coming up to the campsite today to play and spend the morning, I am ready to have a wonderful cry and potential tantrum fit for my almost 4 year old and almost 3 year old to be suitably impressed.

Bring on the Monday!!!

So far the, the best thing I can say is that I realize there is no amount of chocolate or coffee in this world that is going to make me feel better and I think that maybe before my boys wake up, I should just let it all out with a good cry except I just really don’t want the headache that comes with that kind of cry.

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