Looking to deep…


Sometimes it seems like all I ever think about is my relationship with my husband and why we seem to go round and round in circles discussing/arguing over the same topics. I look back and think back to who I was before we met. Then it translates to how I see myself now and then how my boys might see me.  I want them to see a strong woman who stands up for herself and her family.

What I know right now is I am not that person.  The more I think of how I am now, the worse I begin to feel about myself and it simply spirals deeper and deeper until I begin questioning if I am even right in my thinking or am I so caught up in myself and my thoughts that I lose site of what everyone else around me is dealing with at that moment.  Then I worry about what I missed being bogged down in the depth of my own thoughts and that I am not there for my family since I have few friends that I am in regular contact.

Either way, I know that what is going on in my head right now needs to come to a halt before I break.

3 thoughts on “Looking to deep…

  1. Yeah, it is hard sometimes chasing after the dream. We always think and rethink our actions. Know that if you are thinking these things – you are off to a good start. Improving ourselves starts with knowing we aren’t completely happy with who we are. I think it is a good thing to teach our children, no – we are not perfect, but we try our very best. For me, I am not afraid to let them see me make mistakes. I want them to learn to get back up and try, try, again. Excellent post and I’m sure you will find your way in time 🙂


  2. I can very much relate to those feelings. Ive been there! Marriage is hard work…and tackling our own issues is sometimes even tougher, but necessary. Thanks for sharing. 💜


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