Missing in Action…

To all of the women and men past, present and future who serve our country,


MIA typically refers to those military individuals who do not make it back home.

Today, the phrase popped into my head after not having blogged after way to long. I am tired of hearing myself talk, think or ponder the relationship between myself and my spouse.

I reached the point I was with a former job where I reached the point that I got tired of coming home and hearing myself talk about the nonsense of the job. I reached that point in constantly wallowing in the confusion, frustration, and madness that my marriage seems to have become.

In dealing with that, it seems that I have realized just how lost and MIA I have become and a woman. So,here is to getting back to something, writing, that I was excited about months ago to get me moving in a direction I wanted before I became mired in the small things of my day to day life.

So, back in the saddle I go!

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