The fun of Irksome…

Today presented itself as “one of those days” where nothing felt quite right, everything seemed to take 3 times the amount of energy usually needed and all you felt like you did was miss another opportunity with your loved ones to play and share. Instead, the Irksome feeling hit head on as I found and felt myself getting upset with my 2 boys over something that in all reality was not worth getting all that upset yet I did it anyway.

Irksome also presented itself in waiting to see just exactly what kind of mood my husband was in when he arrived home.

Irksome is such a fun word yet it relates to all those annoying, bothersome things that build up in a person’s day and then just when you think you catch a break, one more thing gets piled onto the list of, Irksome Things that Happened Today. You know the list I am talking about, especially if you have kids or dogs or moody spouses or demanding bosses that seem to have no grasp of just exactly what your day entails or unreasonable in-laws or fill in your blank here.

Sometimes, I watch my 3 year old intentionally annoy my 4 year old. As the younger sibling, annoying my older sister was one of my many fun and happy moments when we were growing up. I watch my younger child and have moments where I wish could go back to the simplicity of that life and time. Before I “grew up” and became an “adult”.

Adulthood itself has become mightily irksome and makes me want to take my toys and go home. Unfortunately, my mom tells me that is no longer an option.

May your tomorrow be less irksome and more playful!

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