A Tart Life…

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A chocolate raspberry Tart sounds a heck of a lot better than something tasting sour or having a sharp edge.  Life usually hands us both opportunities and at different times in our life.  We wish for it to be the rich full bodied comforting taste of the chocolate tart that blends so well with the hint of raspberry all the time.  Unfortunately, many people have told me that everything comes in moderation and I have learned that as well.  The reality is that life presents the sweet and comforting chocolaty richness only every so often.  Any other time, we have to go out and create that for ourselves.  Sometimes, it comes out perfectly and sometimes the spring pan explodes as you are pulling it from the oven.

Amazingly, the sharp edge of life’s tart moments remind us that sweet moments do exist and to cherish each and every single one.  Life is too short.

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I came across this picture of Sophia Loren and all I could think is, “How amazingly gorgeous is she?”  She has that classy, sexy, hourglass vibe going but when you look at her face and particularly her eyes, you know she can be sweet and tart all at the same time.  She has the look of someone who will not take no for an answer unless that is the answer she wants from you and she isn’t going to take any BS.

May each of us find that classy, sassy, tart, intelligent person within ourselves and channel that for our day because it’s a lot better than channeling tired, frustrated, pissed off and angry.

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