Simmering and Percolating…

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Percolate initially makes me think of a well brewed cup of what my friend and former co-worker used to call frou-frou coffee.  But thinking about the taste of it, the warmth, richness, smoothness and chocolaty taste just provide me with a sense of comfort which is funny since I didn’t life coffee until I reached my late 20s.

Lately though, the idea of something percolating makes me think of my life journey.  After recognizing a few weeks ago the amount of time and energy I spent in the last year trying to better understand someone, I realized that I have not come to any better understanding and probably never will and that is okay.

This means that in the past few weeks I have begun to realize how low emotionally and physically this use of my energy drained me.  I gave that control over and now I am taking it back.

It feels good.

It means in the last few weeks I created a vision board on my pinterest account labeled “Healthy Me Vision Board”.  I found a quote for it that is an excellent reminder to myself everyday.  It says:

I give up freely what

is no longer serving me,

I release it to 

create space for what

inspires me.

From there, I have begun to remember the things I did in the past that made me happy, challenged me, pushed me and encouraged me.  While I have never in my past 36 years felt like a I had a body of a dancer, I find dancer’s abilities to move amazing and inspiring.  Watching dancers and looking at pictures of them makes me want to try it despite being grossly overweight, 7 months pregnant, bad knees and poor eating habits.  I still want to try it, despite all the internal negative verbal onslaught that has the power to reduce me to tears just trying on clothes.

Related image

I came across the dancer pictured above named Misty Copeland.  I love this picture of her because it shows her strength, grace, and determination.  Her expression seems to say to me: “I dare you to try it. You’ll be surprised.”

Today, may we all find that one thing that pushes us to break out of our mold, try something new and different and say To Heck with the Naysayers (even if and especially if your biggest naysayer is yourself)!

Challenge: I dare you to try whatever it is that sparks your interest the most because regret is the worst thing to carry around with you.

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