Here, There, Everywhere…

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Anticipation is one of those feelings that can be absolutely wonderful, soul-riveting loveliness.  Or it can be that absolute soul-crushing horribleness.  On any given day, the type of anticipation you experience lies within your own choosing.  A holiday designed to give thanks does not typically make someone expect snide, hateful comments and actions from a loved one but in some instances, the holiday is one more opportunity for that loved one to make one more poke, one more prod, one more verbal hit to make their point.  For the person they are taking it out on, it seems like it would just be easier to ignore the fact it’s a holiday and treat it like any normal day.  In this way, the day has normal functions and is easy to handle and cope with whatever may come their way.

Despite this negativity creeping into my home, I choose to make every effort to ignore this negativity from my significant other and enjoy the fun and excitement of sharing the parade on the TV with my 4 year old and 3 year old, putting up our Christmas tree and relishing their excitement in helping to accomplish this even if it makes it take twice as long as it should.

The quote below really struck home for me as the reminder that whether my day is good, bad or meh, lies solely within my brain.  It’s the reminder that there is good in every day and in anticipating the good, the negative tends to fall to the wayside because you are too busy enjoying whatever you were looking forward to, to allow the naysayers and the pessimists to rain on your parade.

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Challenge for Today and Every Day: Stop cheating yourself out of enjoying those most anticipated moments in your day!


One thought on “Here, There, Everywhere…

  1. you are right……….we must cherish those anticipated moments……let nothing ruin them………if someone else chooses to destroy it……..well, why don’t we choose to be happy…….
    great post!!! 🙂 🙂


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