I Dare You…

Mind the Gap

I dare you to believe the impossible that lives on the other side of that Gap.

Do it, go ahead…

Lose half yourself in body weight

Half of 288 lbs

Lose the half with the

  • Negative head chatter
  • the feelings of inadequacy as a
    • mom
    • daughter
    • sister
    • co-worker
    • friend
  • the food addiction
  • need to say I am sorry unnecessarily
  • the doubter
  • the disbeliever
  • the pessimist
  • the naysayer
  • the put yourself last tendencies
  • all the weight loss attempts
  • the self berating judgements

That’s the half the prompts you to fall into the Gap and miss all the goodness of reaching your goal on the other side. Instead of settling for losing just enough weight to feel better about yourself, why not lose all the excess weight, physical, mental and emotional that you allow to hold you back from your being the best possible you the Universe waits for with bated breath.

Today’s Challenge: I Dare you to believe the Impossible and then run after it with all you have!

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