Folly in Assumptions…


It’s one of those dangers that everyone falls into at some point.  The Folly in making assumptions in relationships.  Assuming things are getting better and reaching a more positive level when in reality the other person in the relationship is still swimming around in the past frustrations and issues and simply biding their time to let their negative and venomous thoughts on the issue spill from their mouth.

But as someone told me a few weeks ago, NO ONE can MAKE YOU DO or FEEL something.  It is your choice in how to respond to that person, regardless of if it is a significant other, family member, co-worker or yourself.  YOU CHOOSE!!!

Just remember, as I tell my two boys, it’s okay to be mad but how you express that and how long you hold onto that anger is all up to you.  If you hold onto it, it’s going to suck the energy and enthusiasm for your day right out of you and most likely distract you from reaching your goal for the day, for your health or whatever goal you may have set.

As one of my favorite Pinterest posts say:

Related image

Today’s Challenge:  Regardless of the stress this season or people in your life bring your way, wallow in it for a moment and then let it go.  Holding on to it simply means you give someone else power over you and your emotions.

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