Smells that Bind…

The Scent of a campfire triggers hundreds of funny, sweet and lovable childhood and adulthood memories.  From a flaming marshmallow whizzing past my head by a meager 2 inches to sitting around, looking up at the stars while the front of my shins are on fire from the heat by my backside is freezing cold.

These are the memories I need to pull up in my mind more frequently to combat the ring around the rosy negativity that took up residence and won’t leave me the heck alone.  Time to reprogram my mind, kind of like reprogramming a VCR to record your favorite program (if anyone remembers what that is like 🙂 ).

Today’s Challenge:  Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and out, and then let you mind wander to a funny, sweet, uplifting memory.  Don’t worry about when it took place.  Just remember and take note of how it effects your mental and physical state.  Then during your day, recall this feeling when the negative monsters strolling through your mind try to cause a mutiny in my mind.


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