The Art of Clean…

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So many things spring to mind when I think about the word Clean.  As a child, it meant Friday nights where I got stuck dusting because my older sister picked the easier cleaning option of vacuuming.  It brings to mind my Aunt sitting on the floor in my bedroom helping try to find my missing wallet that I could only assume got tossed in the one of those giant black trash bags by my dad because he was tired of getting on me about cleaning my room.  In college, clean definitely always depended on my cohabitants in the residence halls I lived in and the day of the week.

Now, as a mom of three boys and wife to someone who takes clean to a new level in my perspective, my clean is my husband’s dirty and his clean is my spotless.  Talk about each person having their own definition.

As a post-partum obese mom of 3 weeks who started this blog last year in an attempt to cope/deal/process/self-motivate my weight loss journey, clean also brings to mind clean eating.  As I think about my food choices in the last 2 weeks since coming home from the hospital with my preemie baby who passed all the tests and got to come with me, I know my food choices have been better but not stellar.

The biggest lesson that people have told me about but never truly sank in for me until this January as I challenged myself to responding to 25 Gratitude Writing prompts during  the month was that despite not journaling every day like I had planned, as long as I keep with it and finish it, that is all that matters.  The same thing applies to the food I put in my mouth.  Some days are good days and I eat fruits and vegetables like I know I should and I skip the coffee.  Other days, I live off coffee and I try to satisfy the mother load of all chocolate cravings even though I know there is absolutely nothing I can think of that would satisfy it.

Clean is a state of mind no matte what in your life it refers to.  Sometimes clean is good and sometimes it’s overrated.

Today’s Challenge:  Find the joy in the clean and messy moments of the day!

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