Mommy Uniform

Growing up, I always hated to wear that plaid jumper Uniform to school.  The only good thing was that once I got to 6th grade, I knew I would get to upgrade to the skirt and that was way cooler than a stupid jumper.

While it has been “many moons” (thanks Bill Engvall) since I wore that uniform, I realized that we all have uniforms we were that depend on the role we perform for that moment or day.  As a stay at home mom, I know my uniform options for the day have fewer restrictions.  My only basic requirement is, “Is it clean?” and then follow up for that is, “Just how clean is it?”.

For the working moms like my sister, sister-in-law and best friend, their work uniforms must meet more guidelines since they have to get up every day, run around and get everyone else read while getting themselves ready and trying to make sure when they leave the house that their clothes are presentable and clean because I am pretty sure they do not want a co-worker asking about why their shirt is on backwards, what is that spot on your shoulder, or any other seemingly innocent questions that mean they did not make it out of the house without taking a hit to the clothes.

As a stay at home mom, your children even show they are aware of your uniform by how they respond when you deviate from it.

Sometimes, uniform does not necessarily refer to your clothing but your actions.  Certain situations trigger a learned reaction or response, good or bad.  You give canned answers to questions like, “How are you today?” or “Nice weather”.  The automatic response represents a surface reaction because sometimes the answer to “How are you today” is not a simple OK or fine. It is the furthest thing from it but spouting that out to a stranger is typically not a person’s first reaction.

Today’s Challenge: Make a change to your daily uniform today whether it is a change to your clothing or how you respond to everyday inquiries from co-workers and acquaintances and even family.  Take note of how it makes you feel, changes your outlook for the day and if it changes your attitude and mood with those around you.


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