Body by Me…

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One email subscription I signed up for several years ago is entitled Body by Buck triggered me to begin thinking about this post and combining several thoughts that have floated through my consciousness and subconsciousness over the last few weeks.

Mainly that the body God blessed me with and entrusted into my care has fallen into disrepair.  From top to bottom, physically, my muscle tone diminished from lack of exercise.  My cardio stamina is at the bottom, also due to lack of exercise.  My knees are getting temperamental due to weight gain, also due to lack of exercise and poor (and by poor I mean horrible) eating choices.  I’m sure you get the picture.  Over the last five years, I attributed all this to having our first son, then our second son, then our third son. It’s been easy to say I am doing the best I can with what I have but in the back of my mind there is that inkling that maybe I have not utilized the most precious currency any of us have: time.

Unfortunately, I allowed the physical disrepair to occur internally and failed to respect myself and demand respect from the people closest to me.  Without talking to a counselor or being diagnosed, I am pretty sure I fall into the categories of low-self esteem, depression, quick to anger, high state of anxiety even when things are rolling along ok, frustration and a high level of negative self talk (which is just a nice sounding way to say, self-hate talk).

As I have read Jen Sincero’s book:

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The biggest calling I feel pulling at me is to follow through on my weight loss goal and really do it instead of just pretending.  I know the words to say and actions to take but my follow through stinks.

I’ve heard the phrase, “Fake it ’til you make it” many times but not until recently in reading the book above did it finally hit me, that’s what I have to do to reach my weight goals.

Essentially, my affirmation of “I am a strong, healthy vibrant woman” sounds great when I say it to myself in my head.  I’ve been missing the follow through which is means that I need to think about how that looks in my every day life.  How can I apply the fake til I make it?

Off the top of my head it looks something like the following:

  1. pick up my hand weights and even if I only do 5 reps of some kind of exercise it’s more than what I was doing before
  2. it means that if I want abundant energy, when my first response to the question of “How are you doing?” is typically, “Tired” then I need to change that to “Great!  I have tons of energy!”  (sounds cheesy but that’s the kind of energy I want to attract, I am tired of attracting tired stuff into my life)
  3. it means drinking more water than coffee because the coffee just prevents me from sleeping well and aggravates my stomach
  4. it means speaking up for what I want instead of handing over the authorship of my life story to everyone except my true and authentic self
  5. it means getting over my lame excuses and again, following Nike’s advertisement, “Just do it”
  6. make my life Flavorful because the smile of the woman in the picture at the top of my blog is how I want to feel inside and out

Today’s Challenge: Pick one thing that seems to be holding you back.  Why is it preventing you from living your best possible life?  Then, kick those excuses to the curb and do what is needed to change your perspective on moving past that obstacle because truth be known, as I am still learning, when it’s all said and done, that obstacle is not nearly as big as it seems right now once you are on the other side of it.

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