Time to Start Again…

Just the word Strut brings an image of someone moving to your mind.  Whether it is a model moving across the runway, a nurse striding down the hall to respond to a patient page, a mom pushing a stroller, a dad carrying his child on his shoulders or a celebrity making progress down a red carpet, each person moves in their own particular way.

Strutting implies so much more than just walking.  A strut is purely personal and specific to each human and animal.  It is attitude and a person’s confidence or lack there of.  Just watching how someone moves creates a picture in your mind of their personality.

After having made a large life change in the last month, I realized just how much of my personal self I lost in the last 10-11 years.  As I sat thinking about the word prompt for today, I realized that loss of knowing myself reflects in my movement.  There is no personality behind my walk.  It is simply a function of the everyday tasks that I feel need to be marked of my list for each day.

Today’s Challenge:  Find your own strut or lack there of because we are all unique and our movements reflect that.  Then, own it and if you don’t like, then change it.  You are not a tree.

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