Moving Forward…

One of the most amazing chemical reactions people see on some kind of regular basis is the oxidization of copper.  When that bright, shiny copper roof goes onto a building or a copper metal sculpture is created, the copper reflects the sun and shows all the promise of what is to come.

As time passes and the copper stays exposed to the elements of sun and water, the copper reacts by creating a lovely green Patina with only hints of the bright shiny copper it started out with in the beginning.

As I left my 8th grade reunion Saturday evening, I realized that we all have a patina that develops as each year passes.  There are hints of who we were as children.  Innocence, curiosity and the sense we are invincible.  The comfort in shared memories regardless of how old and in the reminiscing realizing that how we saw our selves is very rarely how others saw us.

As time passes and we are exposed to the elements of love, hate and everything in between our feelings and reactions create our memories of a moment or event and change how we perceive ourselves, people around us and our environments.  With the patina that we allow to layer over our emotions and feelings, it effects our reactions and behaviors.  The beautiful thing I realized about shared childhood memories is that it allowed me to remember who I was and reminded me of all I could be, even at the age of 37.  Since, I am working on finding myself again after 11 years of negativity, the chance to sit around and visit with old friends and my best friend who lives out of town was exactly what I needed as I work to move forward in making the best out of myself and providing the best possible childhood for my three boys.

Today’s Challenge:  As the movie UP says, “Adventure is out there!”.  Go find your adventure, big small, far away or local.  Sometimes the biggest adventure for some people is to be still while for others it is to talk to a stranger in the grocery line.  Whatever your adventure, go for it!


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