Settlements & Sentiments


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I wish the ideas running in my head revolved around settlers of long ago who were establishing homes and just trying to survive.  My battle right now is along the same lines though with a modern twist.  I am trying to separate myself and boys from an unhealthy home situation and establish a new home for ourselves.  We are blessed with an abundance of family support but I am still working through the frustrations of not having a true household to call my own and I know my boys sense this frustration in me as well.  In essence, we still are simply trying to survive but the terms and conditions of this survival look a bit different but we are still better off than we were 8+ months ago.

I am reminded by my best friend of something vitally important that I am currently lacking:

Prayer & Patience


Today’s Challenge: Sit myself down, be still, pray about the problems, dump them on God’s lap and then try to step back and be patient.

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