Sleep & Divorce


alone bed bedroom blur
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Sleep is that elusive thing that that no one discriminates against.  Without counting, I can only guess at the millions of studies conducted about sleep, it’s effects on people, about lack of sleep, etc.

Needless to say that anyone in a stressful situation loses sleep.  Everyone knows that as a parent, sleeplessness seems almost like a rite of passage.  For anyone living, anxiety, relationships, environment, pretty much everything that makes up your day and life can lead to lack of sleep or provide a basis for good sleep.

Either way, may the force be with all of us in pursuit of this elusive creature because as we all know, sometimes even when we do get sleep, our physical body is revived but mentally we are still exhausted from all the things running rampantly in circles in our minds.

Today’s Challenge:  In the words of my retreat team from 9 years ago, Let Go and Let God.


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