Numbers, Numbers, Everywhere…


Numbers seemed to have drifted away from me as I move through each day with what seems to be blinders on blocking out everything in my peripheral vision so that I only zero in on tasks that need to be done before the end of the day.  I never gave numbers much thought until seeing this weekly photo prompt.  Over the past few days thinking about the prompt, I thought of a variety of different numbers that play a role in my routine.

The infinity symbol makes me think of all the times I decided I would lose weight, once and for all.  After feeling fat since I can remember, starting this blog a week ago was my way to be accountable for weighing in at my heaviest weight of…



The upside is that I am down 1 lb in my weight reduction journey and this morning, weighed in at…


Also, a friend took my measurements and when I realized that my waist measures about 2″ shy of my height at 64″, I knew that..

2016 written with spices on wooden background

truly is the time for me to make the changes I need in order to live a long and healthy life.

From here, the numbers just started rolling on and I started to see numbers in everything I did, the most obvious being the amount of sleep I am getting and the fact that now that my work shift changed I am getting more than 3 hours of sleep, that it has been a full 7 days since starting my blog, the 10 years my spouse and I have been together, the reality that at 35 years old coming up quickly on 36 the doubt about whether I am truly happy and what that means for my 2 boys, the number of steps my watch counts when I wear it, the fact that it is 6/8/16 and I am again left wondering where the heck the first 5 months of the year has gone and the guilt, disappointment, shame, regret, frustration all tied to the fact that I have not lost any significant weight since embarking on what I dubbed 2016 which was the “Year of Me”.

While I have made wonderful strides in finding my voice as a woman again, which has caused stress between my spouse and I, I find that I am reminded from a line in a book that said, “Everything will be better, just not today.”

So, Cheers to tomorrow being better and the Lord Almighty for the accountability that keeping track of numbers in whatever shape and form, pertaining to whatever you deem noteworthy in tracking provides!



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